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Responsible use of antibiotics

what we are doing

What we are doing

zoetis advocates compliance and following the spc as essential measures to help reduce the emergence of bacterial resistance.

zoetis is fully engaged in finding new ways to combat diseases through:

  • Antibiotics discovery program that is targeting novel agents that will effectively treat animal diseases
  • Research and development with veterinary medicine centres of excellence in new antibiotics (EBRC consortium)
  • Continued development of prevention strategies through vaccination programs and enhanced diagnostic capabilities (Synbiotics acquired in 2011)
  • Education and training
  • Individual Pig Care – an innovative way to support farmers in their antibiotic use in swine
  • Surveillance of disease outbreaks (Star-Idaz)
  • Longstanding, robust surveillance programs of antibiotic susceptibilities of pathogens in food animals, as well as food borne organisms at abattoirs (EASSA, CEESA ,VETPATH)
  • Development of standards accepted by CLSI to monitor resistance occurrence in veterinary pathogens against antibiotic drugs we manufacture
  • Prohealth Consortium of 22 academic, industry and private enterprise organisations from 11 countries to explore new ways to ensure the sustainability of modern animal production

By striving to improve the health of animals around the world, Zoetis develops medicines for today and tomorrow.