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Whatever their job, the women and men at Zoetis are passionate about their work and strive each day to achieve excellence in customer service, innovation and quality. The Zoetis division is home to an extensive range of jobs (customer services, regulatory and technical affairs, sales and marketing communications, etc.). This page explains the main duties of our product managers, territory managers and veterinary managers. These jobs are far from being routine! They are stimulating, versatile, and allow for true career development. Zoetis strongly encourages mobility, a step that is made easier thanks to the group's many facilities around the world and the bridges that exist between the animal and human health divisions.

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  • Routine? What's That?

    At Zoetis, the product manager is a linchpin, simultaneously liaising with R&D, production, the technical and sales services and clients. Responsible for managing existing products as well as for launching new drugs, he or she handles the following areas:

    • Strategic Marketing: knowledge of markets and customer expectations; analysis and identification of means for developing products for these markets.
    • Operational marketing: development of communication plans (veterinary representatives, specialised press, communications agencies, websites, etc.).

    The product manager works particularly closely with the veterinary manager: together, they must respond to and monitor market trends and, in particular, create all the support services that make it possible to showcase each product's features. Working with a Business Unit (BU) Director, he or she also helps to shape the group's European strategy by participating in working parties.

    Often with a background in science and/or marketing reinforced by some experience in the field, product managers can, among other things, go on to head a BU or become a European Product Manager.

  • The Zoetis Ambassador

    One of the account manager's most vital missions is to keep practitioners consistently apprised of the specifics of our products, new developments, innovations, etc. A key quality is therefore a technical background enabling discussion and advocacy with veterinarians, where necessary, in the company of a veterinary manager.

    A people person drawn to personal exchanges, he or she must forge a strong relationship with each veterinarian in order to swiftly create a firm bond based on trust. As our initial face to veterinarians, the account manager is the embodiment of the company's stringent quality standards.

    The account manager is responsible for implementing and, where necessary, adapting the strategy adopted at the nationwide level to his or her specific region. He or she then receives regular training on aspects related to product developments. He or she may subsequently take advantage of different career bridges to move into a regional management position or into marketing.

  • Team Spirit and Interaction

    At Zoetis, routine is a word that has long been absent from veterinary managers' vocabulary! In fact, the their responsibilities are exceptionally diverse. They include:

    Participating in clinical trials,

    Draw up technical reports,

    Draft technical selling points for products,

    Train the sales force,

    Answer veterinarians' technical queries concerning, for example, product usage, requests for references, drug interactions, and pharmacovigilance.

    Always on the go, the technical manager is a team player in constant contact with the sales force, practising veterinarians and product managers, all of whom rely on his or her support. In addition, he or she supervises all the marketing documents produced by the latter group, approving the technical content.