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What is Genomics?

Genomics is the study and analysis of an animal’s genes and DNA. It allows us to determine the risks of disease and the likely difference between animals with regard to productivity and profitability.

Key facts about genomics:

  • Cows have 22,000 genes, forming the building blocks of each cell in their body. It is the slight differences in these that allow us to reliably predict how an animal will perform in its lifetime
  • The differences are essentially copying errors within the DNA. Some of these have impacts on productive capability, reproduction, conformation and disease resilience, leading to differing profitability potentials between animals
  • Genetic improvement is at the core of a comprehensive plan to build and sustain profitable dairy production
  • Genomics allows us to understand the potential of each heifer to determine how successful and profitable an animal will be in different environments and farm types

Is genomic testing with CLARIFIDE Plus for me?

CLARIFIDE Plus is for every progressive dairy farmer. CLARIFIDE Plus gives you the accuracy to drive your future:

  • Parent average predicts with around 25% reliability how a heifer may perform
  • One CLARIFIDE Plus test predicts with around 70% reliability how she may perform
  • It would take you at least 8 years of production to obtain the data provided by one CLARIFIDE Plus test
Genomic testing

Testing with CLARIFIDE & CLARIFIDE Plus is simple...

  • Request sampling kits
  • Sample animals:
    a   Tissue sampling
    b   Hair sampling
  • Return the samples
  • View results on SearchPoint

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