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Testing with CLARIFIDE gives you the information to predict your heifers’ production potential.

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New from Zoetis, CLARIFIDE Plus, a unique offering which allows you to not only predict potential but also the ability to remain healthy in order to reach that potential.

No one else on the market is incorporating such a wide range of proven health and wellness traits in addition to the production traits of standard genomic testing.

The Importance of Wellness

The health of the animal has the greatest single impact on lifetime productivity. This is why investing in wellness is so important as no production trait can improve profitability and longevity more than wellness. It’s also why the majority of our customers in other markets have chosen to invest in CLARIFIDE Plus for the additional value it brings.

CLARIFIDE Plus provides you with predictions on:

Cows and Calves Cows and Calves

The best 25% of heifers on a farm when ranked with CLARIFIDE Plus will bring in £1,326 more income over feed costs, per head, per lifetime than those in the bottom 25%, as demonstrated by a recent study.


CLARIFIDE tests for thousands of differences from a single tissue or hair sample. Our 6-breed compatibility makes CLARIFIDE the broadest genomic test on the UK market: covering:

  • British Friesian
  • Brown Swiss
  • Holstein
  • Jersey
  • Guernsey
  • Ayrshire

One CLARIFIDE sample gives a prediction on:

  • Health & Fitness: Fertility Index, SCC, Lifespan. Maintenance, Temperament, Ease of milk, Locomotion, Condition score and TB Advantage
  • Production: Milk (kg) Fat and Protein (kg & %)
  • Type & Composites: Type merit, Udder and Feet and Legs
  • Milk Protein Components
  • Parentage & Inbreeding Information, plus information on recessive genes

See how CLARIFIDE Plus offers a clear difference to other other genomic testing products.

CLARIFIDE tested farms have been shown to...

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CLARIFIDE data set 2018

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