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United Kingdom

Conditions found in animals

In dealing with animals, whether domestic, hobby or livestock, it is important to be informed about the health of the animals.

The following provides information on selected species and disease symptoms that should be reported immediately as they occur to your veterinarian to give your pet or livestock a healthy life.


Beef Cattle

Bluetongue Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis (IBK)
BRD Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis
BVD Mastitis
Clostridial diseases Metritis
Foul in the foot Neonatal Scour

At Zoetis, we understand the deep bond and connection between pet owners and their feline friends. That is why we provide a wide range of vaccines and medications that sustain wellness and quality of life for cats and their owners.

Dairy Cattle

There are few certainties in running a dairy farm. It’s comforting to know that you can count on the reliability, safety and effectiveness of products from Zoetis.


Antibiotics, parasite control, pain management and disease prevention by vaccination are all part of the Zoetis portfolio – an extensive line of products that can support the health of dogs for a lifetime, from puppy to senior canine companion.


Zoetis understands the serious consequences that may result from disease or lameness and that is why our product portfolio, a leader in the equine industry, includes a wide range of vaccines, wormers and sedatives / analgesics that are trusted by veterinarians and owners.


Zoetis' commitment to research and development has helped us produce some of the industry’s most trusted devices, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Whether you have a breeder, broiler or commercial layer operation, our dedicated teams of field experts can help you achieve the best results possible.


Sheep producers can rely on Zoetis for a range of high quality products and services to help care for their animals and their livelihood.


Everyone in the pig industry is responsible for advancing health and welfare. To that end, Zoetis offers innovative products and solutions for the prevention and treatment of diseases in pigs.