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United Kingdom

conditions found in dairy cattle

Dairy cows in field, close up on one


Bovine Respiratory Disease >>

Protecting the health of youngstock is vital to protecting the future performance of the herd, whether beef or dairy.


Clostridial Diseases >>

Clostridial diseases are caused by a group of bacteria that share the same environment as cattle. These organisms are ever present, existing in soil, on pasture, within buildings and even in the tissues and organs of farmed ruminants.


Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis >>

IBR caused by BHV-1 is endemic in the UK, with seropositive animals found in 96% of dairy herds and 73% of beef suckler herds.


Foul-in-the-Foot >>

Foul-in-the-foot, also known as interdigital necrobacillosis or foot rot is an acute and highly infectious disease of cattle characterised by swelling of the foot and resulting in lameness.


Mastitis >>

Mastitis can be defined as ‘inflammation of the mammary gland’ and generally occurs as a result of bacterial invasion through the teat orifice and canal into the gland cistern.


Metritis >>

Metritis is an inflammation of the uterus (uterine cavity and entire uterine wall), and is generally caused by bacterial infection.


Dairy Fertility >>

It's time to take back greater control of your herd's fertility.


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