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Travel Sickness

dog in car

Is your dog one of the 27% of UK dogs1 that suffers from travel sickness? It can occur in dogs of all ages but puppies are more sensitive. Apart from the stress and anxiety experienced by your pet it can also be inconvenient and limiting for the owner having to clean the car and maybe consider alternative arrangements.

Symptoms include:

  • Restlessness

  • Salivation

  • Retching

  • Nausea

  • Anxiety

However, the following measures can help to condition your dog to travelling so that you can both enjoy days out together! 

  • Slowly introduce your dog to riding in the car

  • Keep the windows slightly open so that your dog can get some fresh air during the journey

  • Drive carefully and avoid any unnecessary braking or acceleration

  • Make sure that it is not too warm or too cold in your car

  • Take regular breaks so that your dog can walk around outside of the car and drink some water

  • Avoid stress during your journey as much as possible. Your dog will remember positive experiences for a long time and will be excited to come along on future journeys!

  • Medication from your vet to help prevent the symptoms

Travel sickness can easily be prevented thanks to a medication that has been specially developed for dogs and is reliable and long lasting, without making your dog sleepy – ask your vet for more information



1. Zoetis Market Research Pet Owners Harris Interactive 2008.


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