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PetDialog from Zoetis, an easy way to help you and your customers manage their pets’ health.

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PetDialog is a mobile tool that lets your customers build a pet profile, and track their cat or dog’s activity on the go.

With a touch of a button, owners can monitor exercise, nutritional intake, socialisation with other animals, or simply playtime. The more information your customers’ record, the more personalised care you can deliver -  setting you apart from the vet next door.

PetDialog’s built-in calendar provides vital reminders for key dates such as vaccinations and flea and worm treatments.

Not only does PetDialog help you improve patient compliance and grow your business, but it can also continue to strengthen customer loyalty. 

Branded with your logo and contact information and accessed only with your unique practice code, it will ensure your practice is always on hand when your customer needs you.

Letting you do what you love best…keeping pets happy and healthy.


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App Features

Take a tour of the app features below:

Your own customised homepage...

Your logo and photos on Pet Dialog


 You can also send notifications to your clients through the app...

Pet Dialog custom app dashboard

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Check Ins

Your clients can keep track of their pet's weight and activity and follow their progress every day. They can share their walks with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Pet Profiles

They will always have their important pet information to hand when they need it most, including important contact details and microchip ID. 



They can view progress of their pet's activity and wellness over time including playtime, excercise, weight and more.


Wellness Score

Clients can complete the simple wellness assessment to receive personalised recommendations to keep their pet healthy.



Your clients need not worry about missing their pet's next treatment.Using the calendar they can set important treatment reminders or appointments.


My Vet

Appointments can easily be booked with your practice through the app.

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