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Piglet and Sow


PRRS stands for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome. It is caused by a virus. PRRS damages the immune system and makes pigs more susceptaible to other diseases. This is most commonly seen as coughing in finishing pigs.

Clinical signs

  • Reduced appetite

  • Lethargy

  • Fever

  • Blue/Purple ears

  • Increased mortality

  • Reproductive Issues:

- Stillbirths

- Mummies

- Infertility

- Abortion

4 Pillars of PRRS Control

1. Diagnostics

• Determine where PRRS is causing a problem in the herd

• Sample types: blood, saliva or fresh body tissue

2. Herd management

• PRRS control relies on achieving stable PRRS immunity in the breeding herd

• Stability often pivots around gilt management

• Ensure gilts are properly vaccinated and acclimatised

3. Vaccination

• Vaccination using a live PRRS vaccine can control clinical signs and reduce shedding of PRRS virus

4. Biosecurity

• Biosecurity is key to preventing:

- PRRS entering a negative herd

- New strains entering a PRRS positive herd

- PRRS spreading within the herd




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