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United Kingdom

parasites found in sheep

Flock of sheep


Roundworm >>

Roundworms are important endoparasites, causing clinical disease and lost production in young cattle and sheep, control is inevitably complex.


Mites, Mange and Sheep Scab >>

Mite infestations cause skin irritation leading to oozing and skin thickening. The intense irritation will lead to disruption of feeding patterns.


Liver Fluke >>

Disease caused by liver fluke (fasciolosis) is an increasingly common, economically important parasitic disease of sheep in the UK.


Flies >>

Flies cause major economic production losses in livestock.They attack, irritate and feed on cattle, sheep and other animals.


Ticks >>

In the UK, ticks are vectors for infectious diseases such as redwater fever (Babesia spp), tick-borne fever, tick pyaemia and louping ill.


Lice >>

Transfer of lice between animals requires close contact, such as yarding, transport or housing, especially in cool cloudy weather.


Clostridial Disease >>

Clostridial infections progress rapidly, and many affected sheep and lambs will be found dead or dying. Treatment with antibiotics is rarely effective.


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