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One Injection of Convenia Provides Continuous levels of cefovecin above MIC90 for up to 14 days

One Injection of Convenia Provides Continuous levels of cefovacin above MIC90 for up to 14 days
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compliance is fundamental to successful antibiotic therapy

Barriers to Good Compliance2

  • Frequency of dosing: administering treatment more than once or twice daily
  • Administering multiple medications
  • Remembering to give the medication
  • Difficulty getting the pet to take the medication
  • Long duration of treatment
  • Not able to give medication without food
  • Lack of understanding about the disease being treated and/or the medication prescribed
  • Lack of client satisfaction with the time spent with the veterinarian
  • Lack of client participation in treatment decisions
  • Client's unwillingness to ask questions
  • Client's busy lifestyle
  • Client's belief system; scepticism of the value of 'western' medicine

Consequences of Poor Compliance2

  • Inadequate response to treatment
  • Development of bacterial resistance
  • Recurrent infections
  • Side effects associated with abrupt discontinuation of some drugs
  • Toxicity if owners try to 'catch up' on missed doses
  • Increased costs to clients
  • Creation of doubt about the drug's effectiveness

discuss potential dosing problems openly and honestly with owners.

Can you guarantee your clients will give antibiotics responsibly? If not, where appropriate consider Convenia3

Compliance Table

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3Convenia SPC

It is prudent to reserve 3rd-generation cephalosporins for clinical conditions responding poorly or expected to respond poorly to other classes of antimicrobials or 1st-generation cephalosporins.  Convenia use should be based on susceptibility testing.