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smarter beef production for all, from one man's wise words


"There is no doubt that calves with good respiratory health offer at least six clear advantages," David Parkins says: "Better feed conversion efficiency, fewer days and therefore less feed to target weight, less handling, more profit, lower antibiotic use, and higher morale for the farmer and their team."

 Beef cows & producers

  • Achieving good weight for age is the priority

  • Temperature fluctuations can increase the risk of pneumonia and protecting against the key respiratory viruses is key

  • Affected calves stopped growing for 4-6 weeks

  • Surveillance on more than 2,500 samples from calves submitted by vets for analysis found 83% positive for Pi3v, and 76% for BRSv

  • Calves now receive a single dose of Rispoval IntraNasal


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