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United Kingdom

In 2016, Zoetis established a network of ‘Parasite Watch’ sentinel farms across the UK to support your parasite control decisions. Over the coming months we’ll be providing you with up-to-date data specific to your area so you can make accurate assessments on the parasite challenge you face.

We’ve extended the remit this year through the inclusion of more farms and an upgrade in our technology to provide you with insight into stomach worms, Nematodirus, Fluke and fly burdens in your area.

The interactive graph below allows you to get to know our Parasite Watch farms and the challenges they’re currently facing, check back regularly and follow us on Twitter @sheep_farmers and Facebook @SheepfarmersUK for updates and commentary on the findings.

Farm Finder: Parasite Watch

Click the GEOLOCATE button on the map to find farms in your area

KEY: Nematodirus = Nematodirus Egg Count    |    Fluke = Liver Fluke    |    FWEC = Strongyle Egg Count