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United Kingdom

New single-handed treatment gun for low dose meds

A new high precision treatment gun for single-handed low volume subcutaneous injections has been launched by Zoetis.

The gun handles medications up to 5ml per treatment. It is designed for use with Zoetis' long acting moxidectin injectable wormer and clostridial vaccines specifically, but is also suitable to other low dose medications administered subcutaneously, according to Zoetis vet Dave Armstrong.

"One-handed operation enables quicker treatment, better sheep welfare as a result of eliminating needle bending or breakage, and lower risk of self-injection by the operator," he explains.

As an indication of operator risk, one staff nurse working just 30-hours a week at a west midlands hospital's A&E department reports dealing with three incidents of wormer self-injection in 20141.

Single-handed operation is made possible by a serrated needle guard that creates a skin fold into which the needle penetrates. Mr Armstrong says development of the gun is part of Zoetis's commitment - "as much as necessary, as little as possible" - towards helping farmers strengthen their effective and responsible use of animal medicines. He emphasises that for precision medicines to be exploited fully and responsibly, precision instrumentation is essential.

To accompany the gun, two detailed advisory booklets covering treatment techniques and equipment maintenance have also been published, covering a number of different designs including different volume injectors, pour-on applications and drenching guns. Copies are available free of charge to farmers from POM VPS medicine suppliers.


1Anon, April 2015. Personal communication. For authentication, source's identity is available off the record from the author.