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Zoetis Supports Veterinarians in Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals

Zoetis, the leading global animal health company, pledges its support for European Antibiotic Awareness Day, an initiative of the European Commission and the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) to encourage the responsible use of antibiotics in people and animals.

Zoetis supports its veterinary customers as they strive to assure that antibiotic veterinary medicines are administered properly and responsibly.

We at Zoetis, recognize the priority of human health as we strive to fulfil our purpose of improving the safety, quality, and productivity of the food supply, enhancing the health and welfare of livestock and poultry, and helping pets live longer, healthier lives.

We believe that veterinary professionals should be involved in decisions about the use of antibiotic medicines in animals to protect animal and human health, to assure the safety of the food supply, and to help reduce the risk of resistance. Antibiotics should be prescribed by veterinarians ‘as little as possible’ in order to avoid inappropriate use and ‘as much as necessary’ to make sure that animals are treated effectively to protect animal health and welfare. Animals deserve to be treated when they become ill and antibiotics have a role in assuring animal health. A safe, sustainable supply of milk, meat, poultry, fish and eggs begins with healthy animals.

Commenting on the European Awareness Day, Clint Lewis, Zoetis Executive Vice President and President International Operations said: “At Zoetis, we believe antibiotic medicines are a precious resource both for animals and for people. By using them responsibly today, we will work to help protect their efficacy today and tomorrow. Veterinarians play a critical role in helping to protect the health and welfare of livestock, and when the animals get sick, veterinarians ensure that they are appropriately treated. This is why we are working with veterinarians to support them in promoting the responsible use of antibiotics. We encourage veterinarians to contact their local Zoetis representative to learn about the various tools and resources we have that can assist them in their efforts."

Innovation to Predict, Prevent and Treat Illness
Jeff Watts, Director, Antimicrobial Research at Zoetis, said: “At Zoetis, we are committed to researching and developing new medicines, vaccines and solutions to help veterinary professionals predict, prevent and treat illness in animals and to help them and the farmers they support protect the health and wellness of livestock animals, as well as the safety of the food supply.

More than words, actions matter. This is why Zoetis developed solutions and trainings to help European veterinarians work with farmers to use antibiotics responsibly including:

  • Continued development of prevention strategies through vaccination programs and enhanced diagnostic capabilities (SMB acquired in August 2016)

  • Continuous trainings on pathologies (Pathobetonline, (online webinars), for the responsible use of medicines for all animal species

  • Dairy Wellness: an online application for herd health management and disease surveillance on farms currently in pilot in European countries

  • (Swine Dialog: an innovative way to support farmers in their medicines use in swine

  • 7 tips for responsible use of antibiotics

About European Awareness Day
In 2011, in order to combat AMR the European Commission (via Directorate-General for Health & Consumers) developed a five year and 12 track Action Plan, for both human and animal health, calling for different initiatives that range from surveillance systems to research efforts.