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United Kingdom

3RD International One Health Congress | 15-18 March 2015 | Amsterdam

3rd International One Health Congress

The 3rd International One Health Congress brings science and policy together aiming at the early recognition and control of emerging (infectious) diseases, now and in the years to come. 

Prevention at the source is key in controlling (infectious) diseases that have a growing impact on humans, animals and their ecosystems. The 3rd International One Health Congress will therefore focus on how science can help in preventing emerging and re-emerging (infectious) diseases.

The scientific program will be organized in three sessions, each covering a specific range of topics in relation to Prevention at the source: EMERGING DISEASES IN A CHANGING WORLD: PATHOGENS AND INTERFACE, DRIVERS OF EMERGENCE and INTERVENTION STRATEGIES.

In addition to the scientific program, a real time Science-Policy-Interface(SPI) track will be implemented. This track will bring together established key scientists working in the respective One Health areas with policymakers, businessmen, funders, governors and International One Health organizations with the aim to discuss One Health topics and the decision making process.

The 3rd International One Health Congress is hosted by a high-level committee, broadly representing One Health oriented institutes and organizations.

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