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APOQUEL® – the first-in-class JAK inhibitor that breaks the cycle.

An inhibitory molecule specifically designed to target the JAK/STAT pathway, APOQUEL® breaks the cycle of itch and inflammation.


understanding the inflammatory and pruritic processes

Proinflammatory, pruritogenic and allergic cytokines play a key role in skin inflammation and in the neurological pathway that triggers pruritus in allergic skin diseases 


a unique mode of action

mode of action

Cytokines implicated in allergic skin diseases bind to specific cell receptors and signal through the Janus Kinase (JAK) pathway, leading to a cascade of intracellular events that induce inflammation and pruritus.7


APOQUEL® targets the JAK/STAT downstream signalling pathway within the cell inhibiting the activity of proinflammatory, pruritic and allergic cytokines.