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  • Input costs on farm vary and milk and meat prices are impacted by global markets. Both are unpredictable and largely out of farmers’ control

  • The focus should be on areas which can be directly influenced and managed for optimal production efficiency e.g. ensuring youngstock attain weight for age targets

  • Growth rates are affected by genetics, nutrition and health, with pneumonia or bovine respiratory disease (BRD) the most common health problem affecting calves up to 12 months of age

  • Poor respiratory health can impact both growth rates and feed conversion efficiency, resulting in losses through, for example, increased feed costs, increased finishing times, reduced sale weights, or increased age at first calving

  • Protecting the health of youngstock is vital to protecting the future performance of the herd, whether beef or dairy

  • Vaccination is an integral part of good farm management helping optimise youngstock performance and ultimately lifetime productivity

Zoetis has the most comprehensive range of BRD vaccines for a flexible approach to safeguarding youngstock respiratory health



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