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How does Simparica perform on fleas?


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Action against the most prevalent species

Simparica is effective against both Ctenocephalides felis and Ctenocephalides canis flea infestations in dogs1.

Simparica was shown to have 100% efficacy for 35 days against the laboratory flea strain KS1.3 This strain has demonstrated reduced susceptibility to insecticides such as fipronil, imidacloprid and permethrin.3

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Persistent killing activity

Simparica provides persistent flea killing activity for at least 35 days1, acting beyond the monthly treatment period, helping to minimise the potential risk of protection gaps.

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Immediate sustained killing activity

Simparica has been shown to start killing fleas within 3 hours4 and kills 95% of fleas within 8 hours for 28 days after product administration.1 Reducing flea feeding time is key in controlling the clinical signs of FAD.


Simparica Brochure

Simparica kills fleas with
immediate and persistent
effect for at least 35 days.

Fleas - Girl with dog
Percent Reduction in Arithmetic Mean of Live C.felis Counts in Simparica-treated Dogs vs. Placebo4
% reduction of live C.felis counts

Prevents viable egg contamination

The immediate and persistent flea killing activity of Simparica results in preventing environmental flea egg contamination for at least 5 weeks1.

Simparica efficacy against flea egg laying4
% reduction in C.felis egg counts
Day of count

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