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Immediate flea and tick killing activity for up to and beyond the treatment period1



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Not all parasiticides are created equally

SIMPARICA® brings a new innovative way to keep on top of fleas and ticks by providing immediate and persistent killing activity for at least 35 days1, acting beyond the monthly treatment period.


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63% of UK pet owners confess to have given
flea & tick medicine later than when it was due,
with the median being 5 days late2


Simparica’s extended duration of activity helps minimise the potential risk of protection gaps.

Simparica® is a tasty chew for dogs that delivers new advances in flea, tick and mite control, helping to deliver improved client and patient satisfaction.

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  • Simparica: Key Benefits


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    Key benefits image


  • Simparica: Well tolerated in dogs


      Safety information1
    Age Can be used in dogs from 8 weeks of age
    Weight Can be used in dogs from 1.3kg of bodyweight
    Adverse Events In very rare (less than 1 animal in 10,000 animals treated, including isolated reports) cases adverse reactions associated with mild and transient gastrointestinal effects such as vomiting and diarrhoea may occur. In very rare cases transient neurological disorders such as tremor, ataxia or convulsion may occur. These signs typically resolve without treatment.
    Margin of Safety In one overdose laboratory study, transient and self-limiting neurological signs were observed in some animals: mild tremors at 3 times the maximum exposure dose and convulsions at 5 times the maximum exposure dose. All dogs recovered without treatment.
    Breeds Simparica is well tolerated in Collies with a deficient multidrug-resistance-protein1 following single oral administration at 5 times the recommended dose.
    Concurrent medication Simparica may be used in combination with other routine veterinary medications, including milbemycin oxime, moxidectin and pyrantel pamoate (in these studies efficacy was not investigated).


    The safety profile of Simparica was extensively studied in both laboratory and field studies, performed worldwide. These studies overall involved more than 3000 doses of Simparica administered to over 1500 dogs.

  • Simparica: Palatability



    Voluntary full consumption within one minute14

    Pie chart - 93%



    • Simparica is a tasty, hard chewable tablet readily accepted by dogs
    • Can be given with or without food1
    • In European field studies Simparica was highly palatable with 93% of doses voluntarily consumed by client owned dogs within 1 minute of being offered
  • Simparica: The range


    Simparica product range packshots

    Bodyweight (kg) Tablet strength (mg sarolaner) Number of tablets to be administered
    1.3 - 2.5 5 One
    > 2.5 - 5 10 One
    > 5 - 10 20 One
    > 10 - 20 40 One
    > 20 - 40 80 One
    > 40 - 60 120 One



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