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resistance and dual actives

Worm resistance is on the increase

Every farm has resistant worm populations, which are naturally occurring in the environment.

It is not someone else’s problem, these resistant worms are present on your fields and the need to use effective wormers for efficient production remains vital.


Latest Data from the UK shows;

Anthelmintic Resistance Bar Chart

How does this affect you?

Anthelmintic resistance affects productivity

Reduced drench performance means increased surviving worm burden, leading to reduced lamb performance. You will probably not see the effects of this until your drench efficacy is very low – risking costly silent production loss.

Anthelmintic resistance affects productivity table
* Estimated cost assuming 5 doses at 1 month intervals and UK average number of lambs per holding Dec 2011 487.
^ Drench efficacy is based on results of UK STARTECT FECRT studies, results on file and Geurden et al Veterinary Parasitology 205 (2014) 405–407.
# Based on Miller et al Veterinary Parasitology doi:10.1016/j.vetpar2011.11.063 assuming that loss in performance is linear between efficacies


1 WAARD Project Final Report. Sept 2015




Startect® contains derquantel and abamectin, POM V
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