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Benefits for Vets

By encouraging vaccination and the adoption of best health and management practices, SureCalf can help improve the wellbeing of calves and minimise the potentially devastating impact of respiratory disease.

Disease Prevention

The SureCalf schemes have been designed to reduce the risk of bovine respiratory disease by protecting against key respiratory viruses prior to sale, with ongoing cover for up to 3 to 6 months afterwards, depending on the chosen scheme. Stress is known to reduce the immune system's ability to fight infection, but it also reduces its ability to respond to vaccination. Vaccinating calves prior to being moved, and exposed to new pathogens, helps maximise the benefit from a BRD vaccination programme.

Best Practice

The SureCalf programme helps promote best practice by encouraging the industry to work together to minimise disease risk through a preventative approach to respiratory disease management. This approach can help reduce reliance on antimicrobial treatments therefore encouraging responsible use of medicines.

What Farmers are Saying

Find out from those who have already experienced SureCalf what they have to say about the programme.

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