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Benefits for Auctioneers

SureCalf is a disease prevention programme that can help reduce the spread of respiratory infection and the consequent health and financial impact that an outbreak can have. And because buyers are more confident about the health of SureCalf cattle, calves can command a premium price.

Protecting your market

Because SureCalf calves are protected through the vulnerable sale period when they are moved to new holdings, you can be confident that the risks of respiratory disease post sale are minimised, helping improve the value and reputation of market sold calves.

Adding value

SureCalf animals are well placed to achieve above average prices. Buyers are confident that their investment is protected and therefore less likely to suffer setbacks from respiratory disease, helping ensure they prove to be less problematic and better value. From 2009 to 2014 a SureCalf calf weighing 300kg commanded an average premium of between £36 and £57.*

Supporting best practice

As well as encouraging use of pre-sale vaccination, the SureCalf programme helps to focus attention on best health and welfare practices for reducing the risk of respiratory disease in traded and housed cattle.

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*.Arithmetic average for 2009-2014 SureCalf sales at United Auctions..

What Farmers are Saying

Find out from those who have already experienced SureCalf what they have to say about the programme.

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