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The Vaccines

On this page you will find information about the respiratory vaccines used in the SureCalf schemes, and how they are used within each of the 3 SureCalf schemes.

Rispoval 4

Rispoval 4 is the only vaccine to cover against the key respiratory viruses (BRSv, Pi3v and IBR) as well as against the immune suppressive effects of BVDv for up to 6 months, ensuring calves are protected as they pass through market and during the subsequent winter housing period. Rispoval 4 is given intramuscularly, as a 2 dose primary course, with protection in place 2 weeks after the second vaccine dose.

Within the SureCalf Four Scheme, calves must be at least 3 months of age on receipt of the first dose of Rispoval 4 with the two doses given 3 to 4 weeks apart. The second dose of Rispoval 4 must be given no less than 2 weeks (to ensure calves are fully protected) and no more than 8 weeks (to ensure the buyer benefits from ongoing protection) before the date of intended sale.

Tracherine and Rispoval IntraNasal

Tracherine protects calves and growing cattle against Bovine Herpes Virus type 1, the cause of IBR. Tracherine is delivered as a single dose intranasal vaccine and provides up to 6 months protection, ensuring cover during the sale and into the winter housing period. Rispoval IntraNasal is a single dose intranasal vaccine which can be used from just 9 days of age, providing the earliest possible protection against 2 key respiratory viruses, BRSv and Pi3v. This protection lasts for up to 3 months.

Both Tracherine and Rispoval IntraNasal are used within the SureCalf Duo scheme. To qualify for this scheme, calves must be over 10 weeks of age prior to vaccination, and receive a single dose of Tracherine and a single dose of Rispoval IntraNasal between 1 and 3 weeks prior to sale. Your Veterinary Practice can provide advice on the vaccination schedule.

Imuresp RP

Imuresp RP is a single dose intranasal vaccine which protects against IBR and Pi3v, a respiratory virus which increases the risk of IBR as well as other causes of respiratory disease such as Pasteurella. Protection lasts for up to 6 months.

The product licence for Imuresp RP allows its administration to calves from 3 weeks of age, however under the SureCalf Store Scheme calves must be at least 8 months of age on receipt of this vaccine, and have already undergone one winter housing period. The vaccine must be administered between 1 and 3 weeks prior to sale.

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