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What Farmers are Saying

After a successful three year pilot in Scotland, in 2010 the SureCalf programme became available nationally.

This short video captures some of the feedback the scheme has recieved from Farmers and Vets since its launch.

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“It would be very nice if everyone would vaccinate their calves before they were sold as it’s peace of mind knowing they are less likely to get pneumonia, lose ground and incur additional vet and treatment costs.”

Edward Archdale Buyer of SureCalf calves, Penbedw, Mold

“It’s just a no brainer... I will get a certain payback from peace of mind and the buyers know they’re getting peace of mind too.”

Henry Church Seller of SureCalf calves, Rannagulzion, Blairgowrie

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to questions you may have about SureCalf or how to register.

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