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Partnership Opportunities

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Cultivating Opportunities

Collaboration with Zoetis opens the door to opportunities for mutual gain in areas such as One Health, Emerging Diseases, Food Safety and advancements in veterinary standards of care and wellness. Ask us about our capabilities in:

  • Developing successful research collaborations that leverage expert networks around the world
  • Utilizing Open Innovation to advance research through participation in consortia with top global experts
  • Identifying and rapidly responding to emerging infectious diseases
  • Ensuring the production of safe food, starting at farm level, through collaborative food safety initiatives
  • Discovering new disease pathways and leveraging such insights to identify biological targets and develop new solutions
  • Identifying new market opportunities for biotech companies that may be more accessible in the short term
  • Patenting and regulatory processes globally, needed to protect and advance products from early stage through approval and onto commercial success
  • Manufacturing / logistics that span markets around the world
  • Flexibility in structuring a variety of business partnerships that range from early research collaborations to commercialization arrangements.


Areas of Interest:


Chemical entities
Antigen targets
Delivery technologies and devices
Novel sensor devices and analytic approaches


Parasitic control
Prevention (biological) and treatment (antimicrobial) of infectious diseases
Pain, inflammation and allergy
Metabolic diseases
Performance enhancement
Reproductive efficiencies
Food safety – pre / post harvest
Diagnostic products
Genetic tests
Precision animal management