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Rebecca, Eric’s Vet

Rebecca Vet
“We started him on antibiotics and steroids, but the steroid dose had to keep increasing…And then, he was diagnosed with diabetes, which limited his treatment options much much more….”


Lesley, owner of Labrador, Eric

Lesley long video
“I gave Erik his first tablet…within 6 hours he went into a lovely, restful sleep. By midnight…the pruritus had gone down by 50%. By day three, all the pruritus had gone.”


Lesley, owner of Labrador, Eric

Lesley Owner of Labrodor
“Eric’s symptoms had become more than severe… He was also so unhappy… He wouldn’t eat.”


Monika, Bullet’s Vet

Monika Vet
“[the owner] didn’t feel like he could control his condition anymore, and thought putting him to sleep would be in the best interest of the dog.”

Debbie, owner of Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Daisy

Debbie owner of terrier
“She’d scratched so much that it had actually caused an infection in the skin.”

Debbie, Daisy’s owner and Helen, Daisy’s Vet

Helen and Debbie
“She had tried all the medications we had available to us. [Since Apoquel,] Daisy has shown massive progress with the product; very rapidly…her quality of life is very much improved.”

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