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When it comes to pet diabetes, Zoetis Animal Health is right by your side.


You’re not alone in managing your pet’s diabetes. Zoetis Animal Health is right by your side. Here are a few resources you can download for reference or to learn more about managing your pet's diabetes. If you have any questions about the AlphaTRAK Kit or diabetes management, please feel free to contact us.


what is diabetes

What Is Diabetes

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Lancing Device Set up

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Troubleshooting & FAQs


alphatrak blood glucose monitoring system: click each link below to download

Quick User Guide

AlphaTRAK 2 Quick User’s Guide

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AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strip Package Insert

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Lancing Device Packaging Insert

Where to Purchase

AlphaTRAK is available from veterinary surgeons, at a price that makes at home testing easy and economical. The AlphaTRAK 2 Starter Kit is now available for purchase at most vet practices. Ask your veterinary surgeon about the AlphaTRAK 2 Starter Kit today!